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De Ronde van U.Een experimentele kijk op kunst en rotondes

A roundabout is a piece of wasteland, a vacuum in a crowded landscape, the eye of the storm. It is crying out for annexation, for identity and meaning. Doing nothing is impossible, because even leaving the roundabout empty is an act, a tour de force in a world that hangs together with fences and poles and signs and images. And also: what is empty? A lawn? An asphalt surface? A pit?
Residents, businesses, housing associations and ambitious councillors are all enthusiastically eager to dress these roundabouts. Hardly restricted by any art policy, standards or good taste, roundabout artworks are rolling off the drawing boards en masse. There are a lot of sad-looking objects on these central islands.
Is there another way?

For the RotondeLab of the province of Utrecht, the Rotondologisch Genootschap (Roundaboutological Society) made an analysis of seventeen roundabouts. The suggestions of the Society range from the restoration of an old tree structure next to the roundabout, to the complete removal of the roundabout itself. Sometimes the advice focuses on the central island alone; in other cases the surrounding areas are also included.

The Ronde van U. (Tour of U.) is an inspiration to everyone who has 'something with a roundabout'. Not only are the results of the analysis extensively described, but also the way the recommendations were drawn up and the fuss and they created.
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Tijs van den Boomen
co-published with
Rotondologisch Genootschap
graphic design
Peter Jonker
paperback | 296 pp | 16.5 x 22 cm
€ 25.00